Emaciated pride

The image of an emaciated regional flag (found a short walk down Little London Road) captured my feeling of walking around the site; a tension seemed to hang in the air, a feeling which seemed to be an embodiment of the locality being affected over the years: The area felt melancholic and didn’t feel compatible with itself.

Forgiving any grandiose implications put on a simple (and not particularly well taken) photograph of a flag, the lyrics below seemed to capture something about the image.

“And where did all the venues go?
Lost them all to businessmen
We all know, we’re a sign of the times”

Sign of the Times by Jamie T- Trick (2016)

At the risk of appearing pretentious, I’ve added a link to the album in the Bibliography; the whole feeling of the album and the concept, I think, has an incredibly grounded feeling which talks about a variety of mindsets in contemporary, everyday England, which echoed my, arguably pessimistic, experience of the site.


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