Due to the nature of the heart of the area, the island of industrial and business activity, vehicles come and go frequently. The slender roads and the restrictions of the river edge and hilly topography have left no defined paving or space for pedestrians. Especially as you reach the north train bridge. Narrow roads lined with terrace houses surround the industrial hub, built at a time before the abundance of cars. People were inclined to live near work and walk. Cars now find most free corners and gaps to wedge in.  This is only an idea, I thought it would be interesting to explore the possibilities of pedestrianized parts. Maybe this could “un-squeeze” some of the movement and maybe give both vehicles and pedestrians a clearer direction to move. It can be unclear who’s in whose way. A rough sketch of an idea of where this might happen, if it could happen, and possible alternative vehicle movement. I watched a lady who lived along one of the terraced streets walk her dog passed a building site, opposite the train bridge. She was walking her dog on the road, heading out north and away from the area.


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