An initial and simple analysis of sounds of the space. Each sound recognizable has been given a colour. Another colour is given to where dB levels increased but the specific noise is unidentified. This may be a combination of sounds in the distance or machines suddenly in use. The ‘typical’ colour indicates the noise levels when other sounds aren’t present / close (e.g trains and cars going past). ‘Typical’ includes the general murmur of activity within the nearby buildings and background noises. The larger the circle, the higher the dB. As a guide the size of 50 dB is marked. The recordings were exported to generate wave graphics. The peaks, of where a train went past for example, were measured  which then formed the circle size. A file of the sounds used still to follow. Note: north of the area is where the train bridge is located. Unfortunately, one did not pass over whilst recording by the bridge, so the loudest the train can be heard is missing from this data.


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