“In the aftermath of annihilated moments existence delivers meaning into focus”


Have you ever experienced one of those moments?

Where time stands still, but your mind continues at warp speed?

When the universe decides to grace you omnipotent understanding?

When you just think, ‘duh!’?

These are the moments of clarity.

Of life changing recognition.

A spark in the darkness.

When shit finally hits the fan!

You see, when existence delivers meaning into focus, what will you do?

Will you embrace it or run the other way?

Is it a positive epiphany? Or just another weight on me?

Existence has done the easy work, flashing meaning into focus,

But the rest? That’s up to you.

Those who hide their heads in the sands are doomed to continue.

Never changing, never growing.

Yet those who integrate the knowledge,

Are they reaching for divinity or just disappointment?

The world can seem a heavy load to bare.

Each of our individual and uncertain futures will have these moments.

Use them wisely, to change the world or simply yourself.

Just please, don’t let the moments fade back into darkness!

  • Poem by Laura

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