A Gap?


A bit frustrated, I travelled to the site last Thursday to try and better develop an understanding and a relationship between the immediate and surrounding areas, and the ideas of Hacking/Subverting/Modifying/Supporting etc, as I felt these were, in a way, absent from my initial responses (and I had struggled to find substantial links between them!).

On this occasion I drove to the site, approaching it by car coming from under the railway bridge and travelled up what I think was Aukley Road.

[Just quickly propositionally, it feels like it might be interesting to approach the site by perhaps a different means of transport and from various routes in future, as to gauge and compare the experience to our initial introduction on foot, coming from Woodseats Road. This might however, just be bit of a frivolity!]


[1.] Mapped Route Walked From Memory

After parking up, I had a quick wander around the site, focusing this time on the areas that I had not walked at all during the initial visit. This mainly encompassed the street of houses and upwards from there, looping round the main junction and back up past the Royal Mail office towards Smithy Wood Road [1.].

Whilst I drifted about, I kept encountering the same person, eventually about three or four times in total – exchanging that awkward acknowledging eye contact! He always travelled in the opposite direction that I had been taking and mostly walked uphill. I eventually returned to my car to take notes from this first walk, mapping the route [1.] and sequentially noting details when I saw the same man walk in between some trees near the abandoned garages on Smithy Wood Road. I hadn’t thought much of it until, whilst sitting in the exact same position, he reappeared further down the round [2.].

Eventually, after ensuring he had left the area as to avoid stalking, I attempted to retrace his steps by using the same entrance and finding the same exit.


[2.] Entrance & Exit of Route


It wasn’t until the day after that I began to inspect these observations a little more closely. What became most interesting to me, in trying to coordinate the initial avenues of thought I had explored in mind maps and the supposed ‘gaps’ in the site, was that from my original position in the car, I only witnessed (or had access to witnessing) the mans entrance and exit onto whatever route he had taken through this area [3.].


[3.] Experiential Gap Between Entrance & Exit

I felt it presented questions in regards to what was in between these points, where could he have gone, for what reason did he travel through this particular space in the site and then I realised that in retrospect, I really should have asked him! 


I had initially tried to plug this ‘gap’ with my own experience, mapping the route I had taken from memory in plan [4.].


[4.] “Plugging the Gap” by Remembering my Own Route Through

It feels like these notes however, are running parallel to the ideas of responding to the site by Hacking/Subverting etc and moving forward I aim to cross these over somehow. I’d also like to work on alternatively mapping this ‘gap’, influenced potentially by the sound and Smellscape ideas explored in earlier posts and applying them to this particular area of the site.

Also: Thank you for the quick mind maps so far! And for taking the time to do them and the notes! I genuinely appreciate it and I’ll upload a separate initial post exploring them by the end of the week!


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