In response to Liam, I drew the site from what I could remember. At first I would start with the main bridge going over the train line but would end up running out of room. So instead I began by drawing the path I could remember walking (the first route I took drawn in pink, the second in yellow). From there I filled in the buildings / surroundings in the order I passed them.  I shaded in the facade sides that I was sure I saw / walked pasted, the ones unshaded I couldn’t recall. I realise there are key pockets of the area that I don’t know well enough – particularly the corner where the climbing club is and the northern part of the industrial estate. I found it easier to remember where cars, trucks, cyclists and people had gone past. Possibly because you often have to acknowledge them and move out the way. I found this exercise very useful, showing what has made the biggest impression on me so far. It was a lot harder than I initially thought it would be and when I compared it to the aerial view there are whole buildings I have missed out, I think the presence of cars and the traffic moving close by stole my attention.


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