Precedent: Restoration and Addition


The sketches above illustrate a plan and perspective of the University of California Blum Centre for Developing Economies, particularly a new wing and restoration by Gensler, completed in 2010. The site covers an area of 1200 sq.m. The architects focused on the restoration of the original Naval Architecture Building (NAB) which was seismically retrofit, renovated and upgraded to code. The new wing was set back 5m to respect the history of the NAB and connected to it via footbridge. In order to link the new and restored buildings to the rest of the site, a ground floor plaza was designed, incorporating green areas and footpaths.

This project is interesting in the way the architects approached the historical aspects of the site but also the way they connected everything together to create a community. This is the approach I believe is most appropriate for the site, where my aim is to create a link between the industrial, housing and landscape areas of the site and create a friendlier and more welcoming community which will then be linked back to the rest of Sheffield.


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