Reviving the Abbeydale Picture House

The Abbeydale Picture House is an iconic Grade II listed building, one of (if not the) most impressive and notable buildings in this region of Sheffield. Opened in 1920, its held a couple of different uses over the last 40 years since its closure as cinema, with talks of it opening as a climbing wall even mentioned.(1)(2) Now, however, it serves as an events space and community centre, acting as a hub for the Sheffield Antiques Quarter.

Below are some photographs from the “Pedlars Corner Community Flea And Carboot” held on October 2nd, which help give a sense of the active community of creative ‘hackers’. The work to refurbish the Picture House is largely done by volunteers; through a campaign to “join the revival” and “become a revivalist”.

img_20161002_121958    img_20161002_120009

(1) “Abbeydale Picture House plans to become climbing venue” BBC News, 1st Feb 2013
(2) Abbeydale Picture House Website:


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