Smellscape // revisited

The initial Smellscape posted last week was recorded on a Monday afternoon. Another visit was made to the site, this time on a Sunday afternoon, and the smell map produced revealed quite a few disparities.
The Climbing Works and The Mini Works were both open for business; however Robert Sorby, Little London Body Works, Sheffield Prestige, The Box Room Hair Salon and many others were all closed. The number of vehicles passing though Little London Road was undoubtedly less. In fact, apart from along Woodseats Road and Abbeydale Road, the rest of the site was noticeably quieter.
The ‘sawn timber’ scent prominent on Monday’s map was now nowhere to be found, and a new scent of ‘chimney smoke’ stood out strongly across a few areas within the site. Scents reflected activities which take place in the home as opposed to from manufacturing or other businesses which operate on the site during the week.
If one had only experienced the area in the week between 9 and 5, it might seem like an unusual place for residents to want to live – the smells and sounds give the space an overwhelmingly industrial character. The comfortable and homely vibe of the area during the weekends is perhaps not too dissimilar from the days before industries were introduced to the site. The main rows of terraces on Athol Road and Rydal Road were built in the 1900s, 50 years before the engineering works came about.

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