The Three Works and Park


*a proper scanned image will be added shortly

Exploring the site on foot and then on google maps reveals the large variety of businesses which use the Centenary, Bryta and Nursery Works and across the road, those that use the Acorn Business Park.

Of the four different areas, each seems to have clustered a different dominate type of business. As is expected of the more modern Acorn Business Park, it features modern and IT based businesses, however this is all it contains. Back across the road The Centenary Works is a pleasant mixture of Traditional, Modern and Leisure based companies. I was pleased to see Centenary works seems to have held onto some traditional trades.

The Nursery Works which is 90% Leisure and 10% IT was unexpected, but it was a pleasant surprise to find so many different activity based companies together. Bryta Works similarly is dominated by several companies who work on automotives.

Overall the entire area is drab and tired. But the three Works areas where lively and busy, and as far I could see each building was occupied. The opposite can be said about the Park which saw empty offices and the only beings I saw around was a kitten.


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