Week One // 24/7 Society // Light it up // Why Here?

24/7 Society // Experiential


After visiting the site for the first time, I was a little underwhelmed. Guaranteed, it was a mid autumnal afternoon that our initial visit took place, but it felt lacklustre, like there could possibly something else that was going on.

I took a visit later in the week, after the sun had set, to see if any of the vibrancy from the busy Abbeydale road seeped through to the back roads. Apparently not. When I was there, it was dark, cold and intimidating. However the climbing works acted as a lighthouse in the dimly lit street, almost calling out to those few who walked past.

Light it up // Propositional

After my night visit, I felt one of the simplest ways to make the space more appealing is some simple lighting. Modern street lights could change the way the area is treated. Rather than a small industrial estate, more a unique communal hub.


Why here // Analytical – WIP


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