An Evolving Demographic

From my experience of the area of Sheffield around Abbeydale Road I’d have described it as a growing and diverse community with a large amount of recent graduates and immigrant families. I’ve looked through data produced from 2011 UK Census data (the most recent) to try and establish the factuality of this experience and hoped that It’d give an insight into the demographics of the area.

Map One: Length of Residency in the UK

This map shows how long people have spent within the UK; from less than 2 years, to 2-5 years, 5-10 years and more than 10 (excluding permanent residency). It shows a clear pattern of settlement around the Abbeydale Road area.



Map Two: Ethnicity

This map shows two of the most notable ethnic groups in the area: White British and Pakastini (including British Pakistani). It’s clear from these maps that while many of the surrounding communities are majority White British, there is a large Pakistani community to the Northern edge of the site centred around Abbeydale Road.



Map Three: Age Ranges

This map shows the age ranges of the population compared to the national average. There’s a large group of 25-34 year olds much higher than average, and this could corroborate my personal experience that it’s an area with a lot of recent graduates. There’s also a much lower than average number of older people suggesting possibly that many have left the area.


Maps are reproduced from information and maps provided by Datashine, a UCL BODMAS Project. Census data (c) Crown Copyright Office of National Statistics. Contains Ordnance Survey data (c) Crown copyright & database right 2014-5.
Visit for an interactive version.


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