Week2 : Mesters Works

These pockets of old Sheffield are nice to visit, they help me connect more to my heritage and to see them still in use; be it a different reason than was originally intended, offers me food for thought. The hipster Bakery was a new one for me, couldn’t imagine the people working in the warehouse originally would have paid £3.95 for a 250ml bottle of what tasted like sweetened iron. Anyhow were not all the same which is what truly interested me about the room we had to design, A room in which people with very different backgrounds, traditions, hobbies and professions would be congregating.

The room itself is nothing special, nice tall windows, a small kitchen, and ancient wall paper soddened by damp. For this to be a room for all it would require adaptability for any use be it for a break out space for the building occupants or an indoor stall for peddlers market, whatever.

In the attached images you can see my thoughts, my initial idea was to use the wall space for Flat pack furniture an idea I came across thanks to George Clark where he used 2X18mm skins of plywood. 1 skin would be laser cut to create pieces of the furniture which can be connected to make a chair or table whilst the negative left behind was its storage slot, the next layer of ply would then be used as a backing. The reclaimed ply already on site could be used for this purpose and the graphics already on the wood could be a reminder of its past use.


a simple compilation of work I did on the Mesters Works brief based on using objects from around the site to enhance the area. Blue(precedent), Yellow (found objects).

I also saw other materials onsite which could be used to minimise cost whilst maximising space, the scaffolding for example that was in storage could be used as a balcony instead (when not used for festivals). This would invite people out of the flow area and give them a great view of the courtyard and surrounding buildings. All these ideas made me think of the works at Norton hammer and what lost materials might be found amongst the units something I will be doing in my next visit on Monday.

adaptability < Click here for a closer look at the compilation above.






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