Home Sweet Home


Inspired by the terraced houses backing onto the sight and further more by the maps within Matt Halton’s Evolving Demographic entry I decided to explore the types of housing around the Abbeydale area. How do they compare with the rest of Sheffield?

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The site is located to the South of Sheffield’s city centre and is within the area of neighbourhoods just outside the ring road which are largely terraced in nature and seem to snake outwards along the main roads. The immediate area around Little London Road is also heavily terraced.

Sheffield as a whole seems to concentrate terraces within it’s inner areas, semis throughout and detached’s largely to the outer levels. A similar reflection can be seen within the immediate area around the site (purple), Semis tend to appear roughly all over (but less so along the main roads). Viewing the larger map I did not expect to see many detached homes on around the actual site, however quite a few do appear on the outer edges. I believe this is because detached houses are more expensive and it would make sense for them to appear in the more affluent areas of Sheffield. Traditionally those who could afford to, settled within the south-west sides of the city where the air was much clearer. This was based on the industries using the river to manufacture steel, which produced a lot of pollution and was carried away by the prevailing wind.

Data Shine Maps (2016). 2011 Census Information Maps taken from http://www.datashine.org.uk


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