Memory Maps

n a much delayed response to Liam (Duration & The Mind Map) I have produced a map of the site from my memory of it. I have attempted this excersize by thinking about my walk around and back from the site, picking out bits that I could remember, although this has probably been distorted by looking at plans of the site both before and after. As such, I decided to think about the wider area too.

The courtyard space was instinctively scaled at two or three times the size of the rest of the walk probably reflecting the time spent there and attempting to realise the space accurately with more detail. Out from there I have a recollection of the fronts of the buildings, but did not stray around the back of Nursery Works; on from there I remember vividly the river as it swept around the back of the Nursery Works and under the rail line. From there my memory becomes a bit more hazy, there was an intersection and a building site, from memory I think it was starting to rain lightly a little so I didn’t loiter too long.

Leaving the site I remember the general road pattern that I walked and some key buildings. Some of the buildings picked out because of their prominence or local importance like the Abbeydale Picture House or the Mosque, others are much more everyday and personal; the pub because I’ve had a couple of enjoyable lunches there, Asda because it’s where I often do my grocery shopping after work.

Already this map reveals to me the subjective and personal in ones experience of a site, and thinking about the site from the experience of walking and viewing rather than an OS map is definitely of benefit.



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