A follow-up from my previous post ‘cars’ (aerial 2011). This image was derived from three thoughts that have been common from the start: vehicles, people and space. My visits around the area have only been on foot so far and it’s a place where you need to look right, left and right again. After forming data from the previous post, I was curious to see how the space occupied by vehicles in the area looked in total (roughly). Larger ‘lumps’ of occupied space indicate cars parked very close together or larger vehicles such as lorries or vans. To put some perspective on the scale of the space used, I marked out the areas of the Norton Hammer industrial sites. The orange vehicles were within the industrial sites, pink vehicles were within the remaining aerial (see image below). The volume of space taken by vehicles within the area is almost comparable with the industrial sites, which helps realise and visualise the kind of size of the space being portrayed here.


The image above marks out spaces taken by vehicles (pink & orange) and footpath space (blue). In many areas, both occupy the same space which can cause the “traffic” of either one or the other to compromise. Could spaces be redefined? Even within the parking areas people have tried to enforce/define the rows of parking bays, with striped posts, to prevent single vehicles using multiple bays.




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