Robert Sorby // Craft


Having watched The Putter by Shaun Bloodworth ( and Factory Floor: an Archive Sheffield Film by Nathan Gibson ( as shared to the group by Julia Udall, there was a clear link to our own site which is the location of the Robert Sorby factory.

Both of these videos explore a craft – the putting together of scissors and spring making. Robert Sorby, on Little London Road, is home to 40 employees, many of whom use traditional hand skills passed on from the early days of the cutlery industry.

There were 59 edge tool makers registered in Sheffield in 1833, and Robert Sorby is the only one of these which still remains in business today. This could be due to the fact that the company has built up a strong reputation in Australia, New Zealand, N. America, South Africa, and many parts of Europe, with 65% of its production being sold overseas.

Robert Sorby used to produce agricultural tools and ice skates, but in 1985 when they relocated to this site, they sold off these interests and narrowed their product range. They now have a particular specialisation in producing tools for wood turning, wood carving and cabinet making, with emphasis being on supplying a quality product.








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