Beep beep

An idea which looks at how maybe a person walking by can produce a sound, to echo their presence to others. We can always hear cars and trains, maybe through someone’s movement and materials the pedestrian can be heard too. I looked at one pinch point, by the the train bridge over Little London Road (see video below). It’s a bit of a free-for-all and it’s almost a gateway to the residential side of the area. When I have visited the site this spot always fascinates me.

Although my thoughts lead towards order and definition, which might reallocate space that belonged to the walker, part of me likes the freeness of this spot. It’s for everyone to use when they need, there isn’t a rule. People know to be cautious because no obvious rules are set for them – no road markings etc. I especially liked the way the cyclist at the start flies under the bridge. A bit dangerous but fun. You can’t do that on all roads.



Sometimes areas can feel like the vehicle is more important than people. One example of this is the Moore Street / London Road / Hanover Way / St. Mary’s Gate underpass where people are lowered below the roads.


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