Machines Designed for Manufacturers, by Manufacturers – Week 2, Gripple


Week 2 and our third site visit saw us stop by Sheffield’s own Gripple, an employee owned innovative company  with its head office in the Old West Gun Works on Saville Street, with another of their international factories on Hawke Street.

What initially caught my eye was the scale of automation which has enabled Gripple to remain in its Sheffield base despite cheaper labor and production costs elsewhere in the world due to the reduction in personal required for manufacturing their products.

“Gripple Automation offers bespoke design and build of machines to improve manufacturing processes and significantly increase performance.
Gripple Automation combines the experience of being a successful UK manufacturer, exporting worldwide to over 100 countries, with the expertise of designing and building high volume, precision automated machines.”

Which let me to think; Is it possible the role of the Architect could eventually be automated?



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