In response to Alice’s Gripple post,  I’ve found a couple of other places where there is an ideology of collaboration and temporary (rentable) space. Again, this is nothing to do, spatially, with the site, but is related in terms of space use. These are just two examples of innovative uses of space; multiple activities from multiple disciplines all being housed in one building; cheap rent allowing the flourising of a creative community.

Duke Studios, Leeds


Duke Studios is a contemporary take on the concept of a singular space shared between a multitude of disciplines, people and ideas. Although Leeds does not have the manufacturing and craft history of Sheffield (although coincidentally the building is located on Sheaf Street), Duke offers a take that is similar to the sites we have been visiting that have largely revolved around historic craft; many of the occupants are designers and artists. This leads to Duke as a company actually offering services to external users from within the tenants’ skill-sets.

Whilst there are many places like this where you can go rent an office in an existing building, Duke’s approach to worksharing is particularly interesting due to the options they offer; ‘Co-working space’, a monthly ‘desk-rent’ system, generic ‘studio rent in a trendy “up-and-coming” area, and even a virtual office environment. Meetings and events can also be held in the building, similar to spaces within Kelham Island.

If anyone is interested, I do have contact details for someone at Duke in case we wanted to arrange a studio visit? With it being in Leeds it may be a long day and it may be very similar to the trips we have already undertaken, but the suggestion is there.

Ziferblat, Albert Dock, Liverpool


I first came across Ziferblat by chance last year; I was walking along Albert Dock on a weekend away and saw a continuous flow of people going in and out of a largley non-conspicuous space all day.

“Ziferblat is the name for a different kind of social space at Albert Dock – where everything is free except the time you spend there. We charge 8 pence per minute and that’s all.”

“Founded in Moscow by Ivan Meetin back in 2011, Ziferblat is a “treehouse for grown ups” and there are now 15 Ziferblats across Europe…” 

There is absolutely no implied working activities within these Ziferblats; you can do anything you’d like as long as you pay the 8p per minute charge. If you do want to work, meeting rooms are available at the same minutely(?) charge.




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