Visits to Mesters Works’ [1.],Gripple & Loadhog over the last couple of weeks presented an interesting and potentially profitable raw idea in regards to the developing who the Actors and Agents are in regards to the projects Scenario Mapping task.

Mesters Works.jpg

[1.] I Need to Invest in an Actual Camera

The technical aspect of the participated workshops, in collaborating with other students and the users of the visited locations, feels like the antithesis of how I have personally been working. So far, the development of my project, (whilst wrestling with direction) has been distant and detached from the users and inhabitants of the site.

The process that I have been developing so far has been fairly esoteric in its introversion in a sense, to us as students. In moving forward and trying to understand and develop the Scenario Mapping task, I want to loop these explorations conducted so far, back round to the residents and workers of the site. The closest I have come so far was observing the walker within my second post (A Gap?).

The combination of introducing an ‘outsider’ of sorts to the site at the weekend (to probe his response) and an idea introduced in Julia’s lecture – regarding a plan submitted to the Planning Authority that was devoid of any activity inside of its outlined white spaces [2.] – began to give me an idea that I think as a group we could potentially sort out! (If anyone is interested!).

Collage Test.jpg

[2.] Empty Plan vs. Messier Interpretation/Activity & Usage of Space?


This might be a bit of a logistical nightmare!

I feel like it might be incredibly valuable to design and plan a similar type of exercise that was arranged at Loadhog and Mesters’ Works for us, but using the residences and workers of the site area in our place.

Personally, I would very much like to talk to the local peoples of the immediate site area and devise a way of getting them to produce a similar set of memory maps, to see how theirs vary against ours with their greater familiarity and an altogether different relationship and history with the spaces. I’d love to see in terms of recollection, how their memories modify or subvert particular areas or structures and if these are different to our own interpretations.

However, I’m not great at talking to people.. especially strangers! But I thought if, as a group, we could plan and arrange a similar styled event (or workshop) to those organised for us, but with a different agenda geared towards our individual interests in relation to our projects, it may be significantly easier to manage. I’ve been desperate to involve the locals within my project thus far as its been sorely lacking from all my work!

Everyone could have their own station potentially on site (or in one of the units) to gain any information or knowledge that can progress their own individual work, as well as possibly build a relationship with the users of the site and the course. Hopefully anyway!

If anyone has any ideas please comment and stuff, or let me know if it’s too rubbish or difficult an idea to make possible! I just thought it might be easy to organise together and potentially something that everyone could get something out of. Especially if we could get help from Julia, with her background in the Portland Works case study explored in the lecture.



2 responses to “Collaborate!

  1. Hosting a workshop for the area, with all of us (Studio 4) in attendance, would be hugely beneficial! It may be less ‘on-the-spot’ for potential interviewees as well and saves us going door to door, which may be deemed as inappropriate. Is this something we could collectively set up?

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    • Yeah I was a bit worried about possibly having to go door to door! I think it could be possible, especially if we got Julia involved and stuff with the experiences she has had with Portland Works! It might be a bit harder to with people working outside of Sheffield and stuff but as a group I think we could arrange something.


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