Improving Infrastructure: Railways

5307-copier-20161014154848trainmap3Access to the site, travel, parking have been discussed numerous times before on other blogposts. While at the site I began considering again the railway line, something I’d taken for granted as a static element of the site; but could this be modified? Could the line be altered in any way, a new station added perhaps?

I mapped the existing railway line going towards Manchester, a line that stops at lots of local stations and a new station could easily be added into the route and analysed the now disused historical railway stations around the area; it turns out there were three between Sheffields main train station and  Dore: Heeley, Millhouses and Beauchief.

I think reopening one of these stations or as proposed here, to create a new station on Woodseats Road would be a positive infrastructural investment; that could have a revitalising impact on the area and help reduce car use. This would allow especially the Climbing Works to expand allowing easier access and increasing the potential for excursions into the peak district. Helping free up the roads is also of great environmental impact; it’d allow for a more pleasurable experience as a pedestrian and hopefully allow more space for cyclists.

Is it feasible? Potentially, yes. The site is a long way from the tramlines (although local campaigners have called for the tram route to be extended to cover such areas) and the existing road network is congested at most hours of the day. Northern Rail, the operator of the local route towards Manchester runs ticketless stations; where tickets are purchased on the train as such; maintenance and staffing costs at the station would be negligible. As such the primary cost would be to build the station; but with the road congestion as it is; it seems possible that it could be a well used station and worth the investment. The local council is keen to push and work on it’s Public Transport Initiatives too and such a proposal could be well received by all sides.


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