My Personal Moment


The graffiti related poem I wrote two weeks ago speaks of epiphany like moments, and when writing it I thought a lot about the time when I became vegetarian, aged 16. I believe it is one of the best decisions I have made, it was not just a case of changing my diet but also the way I looked at the world. Thirteen years on and I don’t even think about it that much. Life is good!

But more recently it happened again. One of THOSE moments.

I put my personal lifestyle and ethics under the spot light yet again. Veganism! *shudders*, it just sounds so extreme and weird! But the more I learn, the more it seems to fit in with my ethics. Watching more videos, documentaries and having a close friend become so, begins to make me feel like I did 13 years ago. That I need to change and that I cannot be apart of a certain system anymore.

But it is so difficult! This is so much more than just meat, this is my entire food world we are talking about. I’m a junk food chick, I love my chocolate more than anything and sweet things are life’s joy. But I want to change and I need to change, and for three years I have battled between my ethics and my stomach. See, healthy doesn’t come naturally to me and although I have made steps in the right direction it doesn’t yet feel right. Vegetarianism was rather simple and is relatively common now a days. But Veganism, its a whole other solar system and it gets a lot of hate and doubt too.

But what brings me to this post entry is a small independent shop ten minutes walk from Little London Road. The Incredible Nutshell, is a hippy shop for hippy vegans and hippy health food nuts. BUT they sell vegan cheese and chocolate that actually taste gooood!

See changing isn’t easy and people don’t often do it unless they have to. But change happens whether we like it or not, and it can be for the good. My personal choice to move from cows milk to rice milk has been pretty easy, because I have loads of different options and they are all available in my local supermarkets. Cheese however, is where I have made slip ups, a good vegan cheese is much harder to find thank milk.

I’m not perfect and I know change can be slow, but I’m doing my best. And the one thing I have learnt from this journey is that change can be so much easier when there are easy options available. This lesson can be applied to all areas of life and I hope to include this within my final scenario situation, where change is unavoidable.

The Incredible Nutshell (2016). Shop front image retrieved from


One response to “My Personal Moment

  1. It would be interesting Laura to see a cultural map of the area- picking up on other shops, organisations and activities that are happening- whether they connect to other networks in the area etc.


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