Norton Hammer week 3: Gripple and the Hammer

The visit to Gripple was very interesting especially in relation to my current ideas towards the Norton hammer site. However I don’t feel that working with Sheffield university students who are in a completely different frame of mind; due in part to their end goals differing greatly from our own, helpful, the uncoordinated manner in which the past 2 weeks have progressed have made me feel lost and unbound from the project at hand.

The visit to Gripple was very interesting in the way the company function as well as what it produces. It truly is a modern industrial success story living in the ashes of the old inefficient industry that once was in Sheffield. I believe that it correlates little to Norton hammer as the small business currently on site probably have no intentions on getting that overwhelming except maybe the IT firm based in the nursery works. The idea of using existing industrial buildings and modernising them internally to a higher existing standard would be interesting but this would require internal mapping of the buildings something I am willing to try on Monday.

Gripples products for attaching high tensile steel cables too nearly anything in multiple innovative fashions has made me think more deeply about my walkway idea. It has also made me think of the other capabilities for the site, as there are many children and younger people visiting the area due to the climbing works, dance school and Jujitsu dojo yet there are no spaces for them anywhere nearby so adding swings and climbing areas to make an outdoor activity area that could travel the length of the river would be interesting. It would also solidify this feeling of home near work by and play to the area.

The social dynamics that could take place in the area would then be amplified making people feel more of a connection to the site if they’re coming from far away. This isn’t really an original thought as further up the river can be found mill houses park which follows the river and mixes play and entertainment with the river. Where the river is shallow children build dams with the old stones and catch tadpoles and sticklebacks, which teaches them about the world around them and I ask why not have that at Norton hammer?


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