What would it be like to close car access towards the residential parts and create  pedestrian only zones / strips / runways? After seeing different travel methods through and around this area, I wonder if nearby walks / cycle routes could become connected or extended during a pedestrianized day. Maybe create new footpath mappings or a  kind of “crawl”. Temporary lanes? Cyclist/dog-walker/jogger/stroller etc. ?

Using data from the site I looked at current car-less routes available nearby. The area surrounding Norton Hammer has a break in the traffic-free path. I have circled in pink where existing routes are located and the entrances to Little London Road. The red mark indicates where the Sheffield south delivery office is, which is another pull factor for traffic with people picking up parcels particularly on a Saturday.


From this map, which disregards buildings and focuses on the non-car traveler, you can see that the key areas connected are: the Millhouse (just east to the southern pelican crossing), the Sheffield south delivery office (entrance to Norton Hammer), the train bridge at the Little London Road/Rydal Road junction (additional entrance to Norton , Hammer) and the area between Mount Pleasant and Heeley. At Heeley, east of Meersbrook Bank, there is a children’s play area and retail park. South of the A621 (Abbeydale road south),  below the Millhouses becomes greener with Marlott Wood, Hutcliff Wood, Ecclesall Wood, Beaucheif golf course, Park Wood and Ladies Spring Wood. (see below)



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