Enrichment through design

On our visit to Gripple and Loadhog headquarters through discussion and touring the facilities the ethos toward the employees and the ideas of business began to emerge. Ideas and innovation has also been applied into the buildings with a more fluid system spaces between all types of employees, while also investing in state of the art break facilities to ensure all have the best opportunity have a satisfactory work environment. 

The business system the company is driven by is the employed owned model, as a part of the GLIDE (growth led innovation driven employee limited company) system which requires each employee to invest money into the firm to be part owner at the firm. Overall owned by the workers. This is to encourage the invest of effort and innovation within each employee, as if a lower level employees comes up with a more efficient way of manufacturing they can benefit themselves along with each employee owner. This along with the positive encouragement to pursue your own work goals means staff are engaged with the mentality of the business.

Posts about their experiences from various employees are built into the website, showing insites about working at Gripple. I think this quote helps to summarise some of the key reasons why people are commitmented to the company. http://www.gripple.co.uk/gb/en/article-71/a-day-in-the-life-of-isobel-park 

  “I think it’s the variety and the ability to shape our own future as owners of the business; being able to challenge convention and continue to learn. I get to work with different competencies and sectors and that diversity is something I really embrace”

Personally I believe that there is a limited drive to this method from an outside perspective. But when a business is willing to show commitment to its employees by providing them with a workplace to be proud of, and a system which they can get behind overall success can come from within. And the overall success isn’t primarily down to profit margins and goals, it can be the benefits to every individual employees created by a successful workplace system to enable a community to form.


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