Parking Policy & That

Parking and that.jpg

[1.] Parking Instruction Graphic Seen on Mini Works Door (Another Lush Photo..)

In response to the idea of addressing the parking requirements of the central courtyard space in the “A Social Hub” post – and loosely in response to the project with the skip play space exploiting potential in the planning system from Sam’s lecture – I had a quick look into Sheffield City Council’s Parking Provision.

 Analytical [& A Bit Propositional].

I Initially searched for what kind of policy covered the removal of parking spaces, in response to the idea of freeing up the congested area. I eventually found the potential to suspend parking bays for particular reasons, of which can be achieved through the submission of a suspension or dispersion application.

However, I would potentially like to follow this up with some contact with the council and its relevant planning department, as I think this is only for on street parking, or at least heavily weighted towards this. I’m also unsure of the ownership and maintenance of the painted bays on site as they exist currently, despite finding a small graphic [1.] instructing on avoiding particular spaces. This would be something that I would like to discuss with the employers, employees and users of these facilities, in terms of how they go about negotiating with the other local industries.

I found the standard idea that any removed parking due to development had to be made up elsewhere interesting (to a degree..) in the kind of recyclable nature of it, but also how it could potentially be exploited as a policy! Although it was followed by the following quote, which seemed a bit contradictory:

“For any shortfall in parking the Council will need to be satisfied that this will not cause a problem, or can be otherwise managed.”

A ‘flexible interpretation’ of the parking policy is negotiable with the council, as suggested by an address being provided to deal with queries of this kind, which may be interesting once the projects are becoming more concrete, in being able to discuss with the council particular developments of parking methods – if they’re at all interested!

Temporary suspension of parking bays are ordinarily accepted under the following conditions:

  • Maintenance of adjacent property where highway access is required for deliveries, essential vehicles, skips etc.
  • Skips on the highway
  • Maintenance of trees
  • Police request
  • Security reasons
  • Filming
  • Any other reason accepted by ourselves

The idea of filming is also interesting in how this could be beneficially construed, however separate departments are required to be contacted in regard to this and I would like to find out what kinds of scenarios are encompassed under the heading of “Filming”.



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