Pinning down the people


Image showing the local council wards (“Sheffield City Council – Sheffield’s Electoral Wards”, 2016)


This week I have been trying to define a set of actors and agents to help focus my research.  Initially, I was using data from the 2011 census to try to form a picture of the area (“Neighbourhood Statistics – Home Page”, 2016).  Although this was a really useful source of information broken down into lots of different categories, I felt that I wasn’t able to focus it on the specific area of our site enough.  This was mainly due to our site falling into 3 different council wards (see image above) so I felt that any information taken from this would not necessarily be accurate to the level that I wanted at this stage.  I also felt that there was so much information on there that I didn’t know where to start, so this may be something that I come back to at a later stage once I know specifically what I am looking for.

I was at a bit of a loose end after this and unsure how to proceed in defining potential actors and agents, so I decided to look back at my previous blog posts for inspiration.  I have had a rough list in mind of potential themes that I would like to explore based on several local businesses that I found interesting such as Molly Limpet’s Theatrical Emporium, and Robert Sorby tools. I am in the process of trying to arrange to visit the Robert Sorby workshop to find out more about the people who work there, however at this stage I don’t feel I have enough information about these people to help me consider them as specifically actors or agents yet.

One ‘business’ that I feel may be an interesting actor or agent (I am not fully sure which of these they would be classed as yet) is the local charity Sheffield Alcohol Support Service, based on Abbeydale Road.  This charities aim is ‘to enable people to change their lives through a range of specialist alcohol, drug and family-centred services’ (“SASS’ Aims and Objectives”, 2016), and they run a number of different services such as peer support, Families Together (a project which helps families affected by alcohol and tries to ensure they can be kept together), and rehab.

The charity has two rehabilitation residences nearby which each cater for up to 5 residents, and they follow a programme of therapeutic therapy.  One element of this programme is Reovery Capital, where residents aim to learn new skills which will help them through the recovery process.

My proposition is that there could be an opportunity here to link some of the craftsmanship that I believe is used at Robert Sorby to make the woodworking tools with the rehabilitation at Sheffield Alcohol Support Service.


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