Artifacts demonstrating activity


After struggling to find a potential angle for a scenario, I tried to find obscure sites within the overall area. I identified an overgrown, run down green space and looked around. The space itself is largely hidden by trees but when you step through the hedges, there are artifacts that demonstrate use; a crushed cigarette packet, crushed beer cans, a tree swing, and most importantly, rocks.

Rocks that had been organised in a way that promoted circular conversation and sitting. The use of rocks to provide temporary seating implies different things; the chances are these rocks were used by young people walking the streets, adults would not trudge through shrubs to find temporary seating. After honing in on the seating factor, it became apparent that there is absolutely no public space on the overall site: nowhere to sit, have a drink, have a cigarette break.

I believe this could be an interesting proposition; using seating as a vehicle to support the existing flow of people and act as a non-permanent third space where chance encounters between all users of the space could occur.


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