Revolución del Desarollo


After reading Alex’s 2 earlier posts (post 1 and post 2) and regarding current developments on site; I thought I’d share my scenario with studio as I wasn’t present the other day.

A couple of weeks ago I visited site and walked past a large fence with signage from Chantry Developments fixed to it, along Athol Road on the site previously occupied by Walker Engineering and Star Welding Company. After exploring the proposed development through Sheffield’s Planning Portal, I discovered the plans and sections for a residential development for private housing.

My proposal is to subvert this development to provide social and communal space at key points throughout the site: subversion of the developer ideology and subversion of the proposed use of materials. There will be elements of the development which will retain; for example how it navigate the levels between Athol Road and Smithywood Road and the retention of the proposed materials.

I have created a storyboard and isolated potential actors which will be shared in studio next week, along with a map will be created to more coherently represent my ideas regarding site and subversion.

The idea of revolution and subversion on a domestic architectural scale could provide a fully engaging, exciting project!


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