Turning against the River

The buildings intertwine around the river sheaf, creating a variety of odd shaped spaces throughout the site. As a prevention method to keep the river away from property a concrete channel has been formed into the land scape, while also subverting the river underground further up and down stream. This type of prevention method often has impacts further downstream or pushes the problem of flooding towards other areas of residence. However these preventative methods still leave Centenary Works in risk on various parts of the sit, from 1 in a 1000 year flood to some areas of 1 in a 100 year flood as show below.flood-map-norton-hammer-2

Within the site there is a river measurement station that has a constant flow of information which can be used to help predict and warn against coming floods. The highest level since recording began at this station reached 1.56m on 25th of June 2007. https://www.riverlevels.uk/sheaf-sheffield-sheffield-centenary-works#.WAkP7v1TEjI

Due to the large amount of hardstanding surfaces within city centres there is often a channelling affect which gets precipitation to reach rivers quickly in comparison to through vegetation and permeable surfaces which allows a steady flow of water into the rivers. Ways of decreasing the chance of flooding should be considered through all design but is essential when designing in such close proximity to an active water way.

Flood management can be implemented at various levels including some more low cost and low maintenance such as the retention and planting of trees and vegetation. Lining the rivers with concrete and high retaining walls to deal with high levels of water, these can be a valid way of preventing within the given area but often have knock on effects within other areas. Diverting flood water to designated overflow area such as parks, channels and canals allow for emergency relief to an area without flooding homes and businesses.

While overall view and strategy can be useful, these radically change when approaching a set area when it comes to designing in a set area. These aspects should always be considered but through good design and planning can be avoided and improve the surround areas chance of avoiding devastating damage.


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