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After many attempts at creating dynamic imagery at undergraduate (with varying degrees of success), I found the name ‘Superstudio’ mentioned in regards to conceptual representations for paper architecture projects.

A paper architecture firm, Superstudio was formed in Italy in the mid 60’s and became a world renowned, radical firm, with critics firmly agreeing that their work influence the likes of contemporary design practices such as ZHA and OMA.

What I find particularly interesting is the method of representation: Discussions regarding representations seemed to pop up frequently in studio and can be a very freeing experience in our non-practice work, leading to creative imagery and mappings which, in complete contrast to practice, invite the observer to read into the drawings and draw their own conclusions.

Collage is often considered (or was amongst some undergrad peers of mine) as a little retrograde and over simplistic. As you can see from above, Superstudio produced images that were fully engaging and led the observer to question the concept, the meaning and the programme of the architecture.

With images being shown in lectures that have an ambiguous, engaging take on an architectural concept, I think this could be an interesting source of imagery to engage with. I appreciate this is not a site-related post, but hopefully this will be useful in terms of finding different representation methods during our projects (and maybe even creating concept imagery for Praxis One?).


Image result for superstudio









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