Borders & Boundaries – A Spatial Distinction


The walls of the Tool manufacturers resemble that of a prison or secure facility. Creating a membrane where admittance can be well regulated and controlled.

“One spatial distinction which helps us engage actively with the changing context of time lies in the difference between borders and boundaries.” (Sennett, R 2008)

This initially caught my eye as it is clearly juxtaposed to the Centenary Works and Nursery works which are far more open and encouraging of public traffic in comparison.



In Richard Sennett’s article “The Public Realm” he discusses how the walls to a medieval city create a membrane comparable to that off a cell. Where the walls not only serve as a means of protection for the occupants but to regulate commerce coming into cities, often being the place in which taxes were collected.

“In social practice, then, such walls functioned as border/membranes, both porous and resistant.”




Sennett, R (2008) The Public Realm. Unpublished essay for Quant available online at:





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