Missing a Trick!


On Monday 17th, as to prep a bit more for Tuesdays tutorials, Luke and I travelled to site and held small discussions after having chance encounters with people in the area. These chats were roughly five minutes a piece and conducted in two separate areas of the site [1.].

Conversation Locations.jpg

[1.] Conversation Location[s] & Small Break Downs

Initially I had forgotten to take any notes and began half way through the first, being careful only to quote specific things that the first lady had said, most interesting being quips about the lack of communication between the two agents she was there to talk to, and the statement that “as soon as you’ve arrived, you can tell they’ve missed a trick!”.


However, as a result of this acting as a test run of sorts, it gave me a few tips and ideas if the process were to be repeated; especially if there was a more formal and yet informal conversational element to any event that we eventually may arrange and design for the locals.

In retrospect, I think that in future I would take names and form a small base of information in beginning these talks, although the lack of Organisation was kind of organic and in tune with the informal nature of the conversations [They might be more careful of what is said if involved in a more formal, interview-esque procedure].


In response to these small conversations, I want to begin to look into ways in which this dialogue can be analysed more closely, as to decipher a greater understanding of the attitudes towards the site. The differences between the perspectives of internal occupiers and externally based agents presented in terms of their dialogue, could be an interesting base in which to visually determine their perception of the site physically, as well as its internal relationships.

I’m most interesting in trying to look into and bring to the surface the subtext of what they had been saying in the conversations, as to perceive it spatially in regards to the site. I hope to translate the kinds of mental disconnection and disparity between the internal and external agents, through their speech, and to see if this can be mapped; and if so, what kinds of physical conditions and understood differences may contribute to this.

However, as well as their spoken dialogue, the informal interviewees became quite emotive in their body language and subsequent movements during the discussion, particularly in reference to other works units, peoples and spaces that build up the site. As to be begin developing, these conversations into a type of drawing, I aim to develop a series of transcripts that capture both their actions and words [2.], potentially in the form of a written script as if developing a screenplay.

Script Break Down.jpg

[2.] Screenplays Are Broken into Dialogue & Action Lines to Portray a Scene.

I want to develop each dialogue as a scene, to then deconstruct and develop drawings from, with mapping acting as a spatial foundation to do so.


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