Norton Hammer week 5: Ignorance of beauty

On my last visit to site I focused heavily on the river and how people interacted with it, my reason for doing this is because people in Sheffield take for granted the rivers and tend to ignore or unappreciate them and I was curious if that vain ran true here. I watched whether people actually used the picnic or not and if people watched the river whilst on their breaks or passing by on foot, now it wasn’t a very nice day and that may have played into the results of what I found. Nobody interacted on any level with the river the entire time I was there which made up around 3 hours, I eventually came to the conclusion that a camera trap would be more useful to catch the rare human that strays near the river.ignorance-of-beauty

Jokes aside the level of ignorance shown towards the river was only broken when I remembered speaking to a nursery works management employee whose job it was to look after the site and cater to the client in the units during our first site visit. He spoke of the river like it was a magical and diverse hub of animal activity; he knew all this because he had help build the picnic area for the IT management firm on the nursery works site. He remarked that the picnic area does get used but more so on warmer days and since he’s been working on it he’s seen all manner of wild life like: Trout, newts, frogs, Kingfishers and one heron.ignorance-of-beauty2

Now with such a disconnect from the diversity of the river and the people as well as the unkempt and uncared for parts of the river I believe a connection should be made in which these boundaries again are shattered/punctured to help people appreciate what they have round them, the best way to do this which I can see is to subvert the boundary walls and divides from the river. By opening up the sheaf river as a walk through this area I believe people will gain a better appreciation for the river and the people they are surrounded by.



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