IMG_20161018_071934.jpgI recently visited the site in the morning around 6:30-7:30am. I was taken by how busy the site still was; although I quickly noticed it was busy in other places than usual. The Post Office, or to use it’s actual title: Royal Mail Sheffield South Delivery Office, geared up surprisingly early, so even at 6:30 the junction at Woodseats/Athol was busy and characteristically chaotic.

There was some activity around Centenery Works; lights on in upper offices (see Photo) and someone in the courtyard having a cigarette and Chesterfield Road was busy. Other than that and some passing traffic up Little London Road, the site was relatively quiet; but with a constant hum from nearby traffic. Were the lights from people working early, or just left on overnight?


I began to wonder; the effect that time had on the experience of the site. It’s clear that the site is different, with different actors and agents at different hours. Have I been thinking too much about the day, about conventional working hours to date? I’ve sketched out a quick linear progression of a day and started to look at which businesses might operate at which hours. Might opportunities for subversion be temporal and happen outside conventional working hours?



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