Improvement of circulation – A safe place for pedestrians and cyclists


One of the most serious problems in the area is the traffic and poor road network to satisfy the needs of the users. The lack of parking spaces and the narrow streets compared to the large number of cars especially during working hours make the site very dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. Since the industrial area is surrounded by houses, it is vital to have sufficient and appropriate pedestrian and cycle routes. In order to address this problem, I looked at a scenario of how different people move around the area. Most people use Little London Road along the industrial buildings, even for walking, jogging or cycling. Since Little London Road needs to be used by cars and vans as it is the entrance to industrial buildings, a possible solution to the problem could be to pedestrianise Athol Road (illustrated in dotted lines), which is parallel to Little London Road. This would create a safe space for pedestrians and cyclists to use and also improve the circulation of Little London Road. Also, the end of Athol Road (entrance to the site) could be expanded to allow the smooth flow of cars and an additional space for cyclists to enter the site.


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