The importance of the River

The photograph above shows the Norton Hammer Mill Wheel around the 1900s, where the industrial area is now situated. The terraced houses on the background, shown on the map, seem to have been built around the same time the mill dam was constructed and were one of the first housing developments to appear near the industrial area. Even though the area primarily consisted of houses throughout history, the site around the river has always been of great importance and people took advantage it in many ways. The river is probably the reason that the industrial area has survived for so many successive decades even though the rest of the area is increasingly filled with houses. Having said this, the river seems to have lost its importance in the last years and became polluted and unused. Cleaning and creating better infrastructure for the river and connections to the industrial and housing areas can improve the quality of life in the area, create a tighter community and attract more people for work or leisure.


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