Before starting the Scenario Workshop, I was a bit apprehensive about the lack of detail in the kinds of characters that I had drafted up on my cards [1.]. They felt a bit like generalisations and definitely melodramatic and soapy!

However, I found that during our session I started enjoying the kinds of problems that they introduced to the site, or more specifically to the preconceptions I had of peoples that occupy and exist in this environment. It was a bit challenging in the group to find a place for them originally as I had no idea how to begin representing them spatially in relation to the site area. This was the case mostly with “The Cheater”, although we started to look into way that this could affect other people and how the environment could either hide or expose this affair; potentially making a new character “The Cheated!”.

Scenario Map.jpg

[2.] Scenario Map With Word of the Affair Spreading Beyond the Site!

Eventually however, we began thinking about the way their conversations and secrets could travel across much larger distances than the focused area that was being examined [2.], and introduced a new [and not necessarily physical] network of movement that could be mapped in relation to the physical elements of the site and its wider context.


The following characters and events stuck with me after the session and I aim to push them further into the development of my overall scenario in some form, although trying to avoid as much sauciness:


Would be aware of and attempt to avoid potential overlooks from windows and cameras & they would navigate the site differently than they would on an honest and more innocent route through.


The temporary nature of their duration on the site, the way it would be used to shelter or reside for a duration as to hide, similar to The Cheater in a way although would want to be completely removed from site?


The suggested tensions of the site becoming physical to a degree and reaching a fever pitch amongst the peoples.

Three Chosen Cards.jpg

[1.] Three Cards [Events/Actors] That I Would Like to Develop Further

And a Little Bit Propositional.

I eventually came to like the non-specific information of the characters, leaving the details of their characters ambiguous and open to interpretation – which I hadn’t thought of but was introduced to during my tutorial yesterday [credit to Julia & Sam!]. This was originally a response to the conversations that had been held by Luke and I on site, with the second person we spoke to [the tree surgeon] referring to his neighbours only by their occupation, as if it was only this that defined them in his mind.

I had become attracted to the loose perceptions of the actors, as well as the more dramatic and exaggerated events that could be derived from throwaway quips that the people had said and aim to develop ideas from these principles moving forward.



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