Artist vs Maker



A large part of my concept involves the provision of working spaces and studios for local and visiting artists and makers. I have made a distinction between ‘artists’ and ‘makers’ because I believe that even though these two concepts have many similarities and cannot be clearly distinguished, the site has people with talents and abilities that can be classified in these categories based on one basic difference: design and making, contrary to art, is made for a usable purpose. What makers create is for utility rather than just for aesthetic feel. I made this distinction in order to better understand what these people need and provide appropriate working spaces. Many makers already work in the industrial area of the site, while artists primarily work on an individual level at home or their own studio.

The drawings above illustrate the process of knife making which I believe is an appropriate example to show the difficulty of distinguishing between an artist and a maker, as different stages of the process could be identified either as making or art. For the purpose of the project artists and makers will be categorised for the reasons stated above, but not in a strict sense, as the intention behind the whole concept is to bring people together to form a tighter community. This includes artists, makers, residents in the area, workers, employees and even visitors and passers-by.

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