Repurposing the Working Mens’ Club as a social hub for the 21st century

The site is crying out for somewhere to sit, somewhere to go slow, somewhere to unwind. There’s masses of residential, busy roads, active places of sport, active industrial buildings and offices. Without heading onto Abbeydale Road, an even busier hive of activity, or further out from the site; there’s nowhere to unwind and take things slow. There’s nowhere to wander in, wander around or sit.

A working mens club certainly seems like an outdated idea now; patriarchal, sexist andIMG_20161018_072920.jpg exclusionary too maybe, if only in it’s terminology rather the experience. It’s however sad to see the only overtly social building on site boarded up. Can we repurpose this space, make it more inclusive, a place for residents, a place for workers on the lunch breaks too? Inherent in it’s typology are memories of experiences and links to the


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