A Gap Opened

I travelled to site this Saturday lunchtime as to prepare for some images that I had been planning to produce for Tuesday’s tutorials. After prepping and walking out predetermined routes of the site that I wanted to investigate, I found myself up near one of the locations that influenced my second post on the blog; the tree arrangements near the abandoned garages on Smithy Wood Road.


As almost a month had passed since this initial quick observation and the summer season had officially ended, the protective nature of the trees and shrubbery in obstructing views externally into this little green pocket had been surrendered to the cold. As a result this mysterious gap between an entrance and an exit has instead been opened up with the drop in temperature and the subsequent shedding of the leaves from the trees [1.]


[1.] Seasonal Changes to the Mysterious[?] Nature of the Entrance.

After retracing the same route that I had recollected out in the original [A Gap?] post, the previously enclosed space had been made visually vulnerable to a degree, with there being a greater visual permeability from both seeing out from behind the trees towards the site area, as well as being able to peer in from Smithy Wood Road [2.].


[2.] Previously Captured Concealed/Mysterious Entrance & Exit.

The kind of intrigue that was generated after seeing the Walker become enveloped within the vegetation only to reappear much further up the road from my vantage point, would no longer be possible with the greater permeability into the spaces behind these trees [3.].

Walker Entry & Exit (Revisited).jpg

[3.] Less Mysterious Entrance & Exit as a Result of Deciduous Trees.


I felt that there was an interesting idea in the contrast of the experience/or response and perception of a space over time as a result of changing seasons and weather conditions, as well as how peoples may act and use these areas differently as a result. This was especially prevalent in regard to the idea of thinking of spaces to hide; a kind of narrative that i’ve entangled somewhat messily within developing my scenario a little further.

With a greater visibility into the space [4.] as a result of environmental change, there would be a subsequent effect upon the activities that are played out in this small clearing. The duration of time that people would dwell here, as well as why they may have visited this specific niche of the site area would be altered as a result of these external and yet routine pressures or forces.


[4.] Greater Views Outward/Inward With Shedding of Leaves.

I felt that the suggested change of behaviours, as a result of the change of the season was a neat little idea that could somehow begin to fuel other responses and investigations of the site that I have been developing. It is no longer secluded whilst day lit, and instead became less mysterious, exposed and perhaps more interesting.


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