Allotments and the DIY Culture

EDINA MasterMap MapWhile investigating and mapping the site I noticed a number of quite substantial allotments. Allotments are shockingly over-subscribed in Sheffield, with the most popular sites having extensive waiting lists. I find allotments and allotment culture really interesting; it’s low-tech and almost nostalgic in it’s approach with a humble ad-hoc aesthetic that manages to achieve popularity in ways that much more organised and funded pursuits can struggle to.

I’ve looked quite a lot at networks beyond the site and one of those previously, Makers, Crafters, Hackers: The Antiques Quarter, looked specifically at the network of the Antiques Quarter and the local DIY artist/maker culture. This idea of DIY culture and makers seems like a natural partner to a network of allotments. Could these growers also be makers? Could they work together? Could expanding and supporting these networks lead to new and transformative spaces?

The overlap between networks is something I hope to focus on in the hope that they might deliver exciting opportunities for diverse and resilient local ecologies and micro-economies.


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