Questions of Space

questions-of-spaceFigure 1. Questions of Space (Tschumi, 1990)

Recently I have been reading Bernard Tschumi’s book Architecture and Disjunction. Originally this was with the intention of re-reading the essay titled ‘Violence of Architecture’; a piece that I read in relation to my dissertation two years ago.  This essay completely changed my perspective on architecture when I first read it, and raised some interesting ideas about the way bodies and space interact, and I hoped that by reading it again in a new context I could develop my ideas on the spaces for my scenario further.  Although I did find returning to this really interesting, it was one of the other essays in the book that I felt related more to my scenario: ‘Questions of Space’. Below are the questions that I hope to bring into my scenario to help inform the development of each of my spaces.

2.0  Is the perception of space common to everyone?

2.1  If perceptions differ, do they constitute different worlds that are the products of one’s past experience?

3.4  If space is a representation of an idea or a thought that is signified, does a space achieve its meaning through its relation to all the other spaces in a context, or through all the spaces for which this space has become metaphorical?

3.4.2  Does the explicit classification of the various meanings, modes, and uses of space destroy the experience of that space?

4.6.1 If space is not simply the place where objects are produced and exchanged, has it become the very object of production?

Tschumi, B. (1994). Architecture and disjunction. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.


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