Scenarios: Exploring Actors and Events through games



Tschumi, B. from the Manhattan Transcripts

During our Week 5 Studio session we played scenario games; where a mixture of fictional (and factual) actors and events drawn from our research so far were played out onto the site. This was quite an interesting and exciting way to further develop the ideas of actors and agents amongst this project and appreciate the idea of events and temporality within the sphere of architecture more widely, reminiscent of the ideas of Tschumi.

It’s another reminder of the importance, necessity and inevitability of contingency to architecture. That sites and buildings are affected by people, events, politics and infinite other variables beyond our comprehension and as architects we must be wary of sterilising the physical sphere and separating it from the social. I am reminded of the what should be the glaringly obvious and undeniable statement used as the title of Jeremy Tills book, “Architecture Depends”.



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