Be On That Buoy


We humans “need a good knock upside the head”,
As my mum would say.
Look at the state we have gotten the planet into,
Caused by laziness and greed.

If our planet was a ship, we are currently sinking.
Water is pooling around our knees and quickly rising,
And the passengers?

Well, one group has fingers in their ears, singing as loud as possible.
Another are kicking the water angrily, complaining how wet it is.
The final group are whole-heartedly bailing water overboard….using teaspoons.
Meanwhile the Captain is sitting in the only lifeboat getting ready to quietly cast off.

Then, there are the environmental hippies tied to the buoy 200 meters back,
Shouting “well, we told you so!”.
Whatever the excuse and there are many,
We are starting to see the results of our carbon hungry history.

Only we are to blame, our lifestyles flooding the planet.
Animal agriculture,
Fossil fuels,
The big three of many lurking in the holistic depths.

But you keep recycling that paper,
And choosing that dolphin friendly tuna.
The big fuel companies nod in encouragement.
I’m sure that teaspoon will add a few seconds to the clock.

Time is getting short and we have only two options remaining,
Change drastically or suffer the inevitable.
But change is hard and humans naturally abhor it.

I don’t know what will happen in the end, or how quickly,
But I truly wouldn’t be surprised if we slip beneath the waves,
With a plop!


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