(late post!)

A deeper look into the world of the DMC (dull mens club, of which Archie Workman is a member)

They seem to pride themselves on posting about the latest stimulating news including: Napflix, “Fill your staplers day”, “Check your batteries day”and “Park bench on BBC Breakfast this morning” – don’t worry – I have made sure to leave the links below for you to dive straight into.

This post is an extension from the previous gridders post. I wondered if people who share this appreciation of the ordinary could be brought together somewhere within the site area – this place that many simply pass through but has many interesting peculiarities.Could areas, objects, structures become framed into view and made special?

The Napflix site is essentially an entire video collection of this very idea, shared by the DMC and the gridders (and many other hobbies yet to be discovered); a celebration of the ordinary, the mundane, the unnoticed, the “Forgotten Stamp”.


Large old tank ( I think this is opposite “Alice’s Room” ? ( :D) )


A family of fridges make their nest in Centenary Works.


Watch dog of Athol Road. (This doesn’t entirely fit in with the theme of this post, but, I put it here because I almost didn’t see him looking at me as I walked past. It was only when I looked back to cross the road that I was startled by the pair of eyes fixated on me. I realised then that the dog had been watching me for quite some time before I noticed.

I guess I added this photograph as this was something that didn’t notice, because I wasn’t paying attention to the windows, because these windows are ordinary.


DMC links:



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