Layering Smells and Crafters

crafts and smells.jpg

Last week I began layering the crafts present on site with the smells I had recorded in my  Smellscape blog post. My scenario will explore the role of creative engagement in positive mental health and well being in young people. The Crafters and Experts on the site are relevant because as part of my proposal (although this may change or develop) they will collaborate to provide opportunities for said young people to develop creative skills for a commercial market as well as for their own well-being and confidence.

The sense of smell is strongly connected with memory – more so than any of the other senses in fact.

During times of anxiety, your sense of smell also becomes more acute – and in some cases you may perceive odors as more negative than when you are calm. (Bailey, E., 2013)

I would like to explore interventions which would alter the current smells on the site to smells which might provoke more positive emotions. This could be through planting, a new craft, omitting a current craft taking place on site, or even as blunt as dispersing an artificial scent into certain areas (as some supermarkets do to sell their products).


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