Sheffield Tent City: Gentrification, Homelessness and Temporary Residence

EDINA MasterMap Map

“Sheffield Tent City” is a rough-sleepers and activist camp situated in Park Hill, Sheffield. It’s a camp of tents based outside currently unoccupied flats to home rough-sleepers and highlight the amount of unused housing stock in our cities. The unoccupied Park Hill flats are set to be mostly redeveloped in the next five years, but many have been unoccupied for close to a decade now. At last conversation with local councillors most of these rough-sleepers have been offered alternative accommodation, with the intention of offering everyone accommodation imminently.

The tent-city raises interesting questions of gentrification and redevelopment and of the best way to house rough-sleepers. It also raises questions about the existing provisions for the homeless in Sheffield, with the Archer Project generally receiving praise. As a campaign it has been very successful in raising awareness of the above issues and rehousing a number of vulnerable people.



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