Norton Hammer week 6: Societal and environmental evolution Part 1

This week I focused heavily on my scenario creation of which I had 2 primary directions.


1. Cycle city – This scenario was based around the train line that runs through the site and came about as a reaction to the issues raised on my second site visit those being; Nowhere for social interactions to occur (e.g. – café, “Burger van”), fragmentation of the works through multiple boundaries, prominent parking issues across the site and the utter ignorance and lack of care for the river. Through these problems I said to myself “well what if the world changed so extremely that nature became the priority and cars didn’t exist” what affect would this have on life in this area, so I immediately started to rationalise this scenario placing it in a world where oil, gas and coal were running out and we have no viable alternatives in place, what happens next and when does it happen?


2. The Melting pot – This scenario also grew from the problems previously stated but focused more on the people working on the site and what they could do to combat redevelopment of the works, from which they could possibly lose their livelihood, so my main thought was how could agency between the businesses onsite be nurtured and developed, and what architecturally could help this?

In conclusion to these two scenarios I decided the best way to proceed was to fuse them and that is what I’m currently working on at the moment.


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